Self-Propelled Barges

These are primarily cat-hulled Crane barges for bridge and dock work or specific types such as mooring barges

Top Cat

Cat-Hulled Mobile-Crane Self-Propelled

This 50x22 Cat runs with a pair of 90hp four-stroke outboards and has a John Deere power-pack on the Crane. The 9-ton Crane travels on a 40' double I-beam track, and there are cover plates over the well. Moon-well, fully radius plate bending, man-hatch in cargo-hatch for access to below deck storage in the port hull.

Built by Fitzgerald Fabrication for

New England Harbor Services




Cat-Hulled Fixed-Crane Self-Propelled.

Built by Fitzgerald Fabrication for

Smith Marine



40' Mooring Barge

Diesel Inboard, currently under Construction by Fitzgerald Marine Fabrication