Latest Construction at Fitzgerald Marine Fabrication

a 1000hp on twin 46" wheel Push Boat

Tracks, Turns, Walks, Reverses, Stable, Wake Suppressing
25' 10" CG Measurement      110,000 lbs Heavy Displacement
17' 9" Beam on the WL     7'3" Heavy Draft
1900+ Gallons of Fuel
Positively Ballasted      Efficient Hull Form
Large V-Tail Rudders     Steers Well under Single Engine
Turns inside her own length at full power


Brahma and Katahdin Built by Fitzgerald Marine Fabrication

Woodwork and Design by Jonathan Werbel

Katahdin Sea Trial


Mk III Push-boats

More videos at www.youtube.com/user/jonathanwerbel


Mk III is our heavy and high horspower Hull body. This Tunnel and underbody form has proven Stable, Maneuverable, and Quick to respond in forward and reverse. Twin Barn-door V-tail Rudders in a super clean flow tunnel with a shaft separation of 8'4". Twin vented full skegs protect the running gear and provide good directional stability. Full headroom engine-room with workbench, available with or without two water-tight bulkheads. This will walk a double-hull barge sideways. A big boat that doesn't get shoved around by the tow. Single or multiple story House.

Call me about Truckables and other variations, we can build or provide plans


Mk III "Tall Boy"


25'6" Hull Length     16' Beam

Draft 5'8"     Disp 84,000lbs

700HP on two shafts

40" Wheels

Bult by Fitzgerald Marine Fabrication

Courtesy of G. Bashaw, Owner and Captain
New England Coastal Towing

Finish, Instrumentation Installation, Electrical, by Fairhaven Yacht

Kai Lee
This is a 410hp boat built to drive the first Double Hulled Fuel Barge in New Bedford Harbor
Both built by Fitzgerald Marine Fabrication in Fairhaven Mass

Kai Lee passes by while we film Katahdin
Watch how she controls her Tow in a tight manuever





Contact Jonathan Werbel for Plans 508 264 6863